Blue Angels M.C.®

are the oldest 1% motorcycle club in Europe.
Established in 1963 in Glasgow and still as strong today.
Blue Gang Forever.

History Of The Blue Angels M.C. Belgium

It all started when some members of the Black Panthers M.C. in the region of Herzele decided in 1978 to form a new motorcycle club, named the Blue Angels not knowing that the Blue Angels was a motorcycle club in Scotland since 1963 and in England since 1970.

In 1992, during a run in Belgium the Scots Blue Angels heard that there were Blue Angels in Belgium too, so they went to Herzele to meet the famous Belgian Blue Angels.

An agreement was signed between both clubs to wear the same colors and the Blue Angels became an International club.

To celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of the club, the Blue Angels colors changed to top and bottom rocker from the country with the deadhead skull in the middle, up to the next 50 years. B.G.F. Blue Gang Forever.

A few of the founding members of Blue Angels Belgium are still active in the club, Walter, Maurits, Marc V.C. and Djo.

Blue Angels M.C. Chapters in Europe


Glasgow, West Coast,
South East, Fife, Aberdeen, Edinburgh


Leeds, York, Kirklees,


National, Ghent, South West,
Lake District, Border,
North East, West Corner,
Antwerp, West Side, Central


Costa Azul, Murcia

About The Blue Angels M.C.

The Blue Angels began in 1963 With guys like you and with guys like me.
We drove around and spoke the others. They listened and became blue brothers.

We drove around cafés, clubs and bars. Got into fights and gave out scars.
We let people know they better take heed. If they fucked with us they would bleed.

On our Triumphs and Nortons and B.S.A. We drove around along our righteous way.
With sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. Being a Blue Angel is good for your soul.

* Alan Morrison.

Brothers don't care how big and how strong you are.

Brothers don't care if you're rich or poor. Brothers for them I will open the door.
Brothers for them I will open my heart. Seeing a brother hurt tears apart.
I will fight with my brothers side by side. Proudly stand tall we will never hide.
No retreat no surrender. We are the keepers the true deffenders.
Touch my brother and I will touch you. That's the Blue Angels way to do.
Fuck the rules we don't care. Blue as fuck anytime anywhere.
Don't fuck with us or you'll regret. We'll make you pay and beat you to death.
Read this words and keep in mind. Know that Blue Angels are here all the time.
Now you turn your back and walk away. And maybe you'll wake up for another day.
If you don't you better run. What you call trouble Blue Angels call it fun.
Now to all of you for once and for all. We're Blue Angels we're heeding the call.

* Blue Angels M.C.

Early years (Glasgow)

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